ESports industry on track to hit $1.8B in revenue by 2022

(ELLA DON/Unsplash)

The money-making machine that is eSports just keeps getting bigger, with the space gaining traction in advertising, betting, and sports industries all over the world.

The sport of competitive video gaming is no longer only confined to gamers’ basements, with the industry is predicted to hit $1 billion in revenue in 2021, and $1.8 billion by 2022 and receiving coverage from the likes of ESPN.

ESports has even captivated the interest of celebrities Michael Jordan and Drake who have invested millions of dollars co-owning and investing in eSports companies. In fact, the gaming industry has blown up so much, it’s predicted to become bigger than the film and music industries combined.

“The potential is huge,” says Chelsea Rapp​, chairperson of the New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA), in an interview with Stuff.

ESports had one of its first big moments when League of Legends took off in 2009, but it was when Twitch launched in 2011 that the industry really took off.

The industry is currently valued at US$1.084 billion and is expected to grow at approximately 10.4% per year, according to Newzoo. The source also predicts that the amount of eSports viewers will rise from 443 million in 2020 to 646 million by 2023.

Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe are the three top markets for the booming industry, with PwC estimating that North America is expected to rake in $300 million in revenue and Europe $138 million this year.

As a result of this massive influx in interest, eSports has seen a huge rise in interest from venture capitalists and private equity firms, with Deloitte reporting that eSports investments doubled in 2018. Investments across the industry, in organizations, tournament operators, and digital broadcasters, catapulted at a mindblowing 837% from 2017 to 2018.

The eSports industry has grown from its humble beginnings into a highly lucrative space. If you’re looking to join other investors who are trying to capitalize on the industry, look out for high-growth company Alpha Esports Tech Inc (CSE:ALPA) (OTC:APETF). The Vancouver-based eSports company’s Gamerzarena platform already has over 100,000 gamers and is already having success after its highly anticipated public debut.

Alpha shares took off, opening at 60 cents per share and skyrocketing to 97 cents before closing at 92 cents, an impressive 58% increase. Currently trading at 0.90 cents per share, the company is considered to still be super undervalued with plenty of great things to come.

A large reason for this is the company has multiple revenue verticals—including user retention, data, mobile games, and content—and predicts that 10% to 20% of its Freemium users will place average wagers of $2 to $10 per match, potentially resulting in $5.4M in revenue.

With the recent news of Esports team TSM selling their naming rights for $210 Million keep an eye our for Alpha to capitalize on this rapid growth industry.

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