Forget GameStop, this new esports company isn’t playing games


(Julian Hochgesang/Unsplash)

Investors could never have predicted that stocks of GameStop and AMC Entertainment could soar to the prices they did. The unprecedented short squeezes shook Wall Street and the rest of the world.

Some of the returns created some serious FOMO amongst both seasoned and amateur investors—and there has been a huge surge in interest in investing ever since. Young keen investors want to know what the next hot stock is to secure.

What they overlook, though, is how many also lost out due to the volatility of these trades. Day trading, unless you’re very experienced, is pretty much like being at the casino. You never know what’s going to happen next.

Crashes can happen so fast that investors can lose everything instantly. And even if you do happen to luck out, then you have to deal with the uncertainty of your next target.

While the odds for taking a chance on a meme stock are not in many investor’s favour, finding a growth stock—a small company that you can invest in early, that is expected to rise at an above-average rate—to invest in long term, is a less risky option that will likely give you just as good returns.

All eyes on Alpha Esports Tech Inc. 

Alpha Esports Tech Inc. (ALPA) is one of these companies. The Vancouver-based esports has been seeing huge growth since it started out and in May 2021, has now officially gone public on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

The company’s Gamerzarena platform provides access to a community of over 100,000 fellow gamers. Alpha Tech predicts that 10% to 20% of its Freemium users may potentially place average wagers of $2 to $10 per match. Which could result in $5.4M in revenue.

* Revenue based on $6 per wager monthly, of 15% of 500k user goal. 

Alpha has multiple revenue verticals including user retention and data, mobile games, and contents. It also has the ability to monetize future teams and leagues. 

When investing in a growth stock, it’s always important to see if its business team is as solid as its business model. Luckily Alpha has a world-class team and advisory board of industry experts in crypto, film, tech, and gaming. These companies include Red Bull, Activision, and Atari. 

Its subscription-based service, GA+, allows players to pay US$12.99 and gain access to higher-paying tournaments and the ability, and, for those who want to pursue the field professionally, to be scouted by top universities.

With impressive working relationships from big players like Barstool Sports, ESPN Radio, New Jersey Devils, Vancouver Whitecaps, and UBC, the company isn’t playing around.

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